Resources for Creation Time

Today (September 1st) marks the start of Creation Time, which will run until October 4th.  In collaboration with the Liverpool Justice and Peace Commission we have put together a resource for groups to follow with in their parishes.
It includes praying with the Gospels, stories from our time and reflections on Pope Francis’ famous 2015 letter (encyclical) Laudato Si’: on Care of our Common Home.

The Front Cover of this wonderful resource.

There are five independent sections, each based on the See, Judge, Act process (Pastoral Cycle) which can be taken as a course or as a series of one-off sessions of one and a half hours to follow each of the five Sundays during the season of Creation Time. 
Pope Francis has asked that this Creation Time be marked with prayer, reflection and action in relation to the Earth and our place upon it. The Resource is an excellent way to help parishes to do this. Also it provides good material for personal reflection if your parish is not offering anything. 

A poster to advertise your sessions

Here is a very brief outline of the resource:

Week 1. 
Stumbling Blocks: What does the Gospel mean when it says “for what will it profit them if they gain the whole world but forfeit their life?  Can it be true that less is more?

Week 2. 
See-Judge-Act: To whom do we need to listen? From where do we get our information? Whom should webelieve?

Week 3. 
Right Relationships: Who are the people and what are the situations for which we need to ask forgiveness? Debt has many forms.

Week 4. 
A Fairer World: Is the Pope calling us to a different relationship with the world? What sort of consumers should we be?

Week 5. 
A Call to Action: Will good intentions be enough to save the world? As an issue requiring different responses in the future, what are the hidden realities of using plastic in the world? Are we prepared to get involved in change for the better?
Download the resource by clicking here 
Please email Ged Edwards: or Steve Atherton: or ring 0151 522 1080  for more information.

An “Inspiring” Day With Fr Peter Hughes and Sarah Croft in Wrightington

St Joseph’s Parish Centre, Wrightington played host to an “Inspiring” and “Great” day on Saturday, 8th July 2017.


Some of the audience members.

Fr Peter Hughes SSC, a Columban Missionary, was our keynote speaker, and will be speaking at the National Justice and Peace Network annual Conference, as a result the event was a joint event with our friends at the Liverpool Justice and Peace Commission.


Fr Peter During his talk.

During a “wonderful” talk that “provided much food for thought” Fr Peter described the influence that climate change is having on the indigenous communities in Peru. He went on to describe a new scheme, backed by Pope Francis, called REPAM “Red Eclesial PanAmazónica”, which transaltes to “PanAmazon Ecclesial Network”. The scheme allowed the leaders of indigenous communities in Latin America to talk about their experiences in front of the Inter-American Commission for Human Rights at the UN.

fr peter power to be

Fr Peter, with some of CAFOD’s volunteers.

You can watch the talk by going to the audience were then invited to ask questions, which you can watch at


Some of the audience posing for a photograph.

After the event Fr Peter said “I spoke today from a Latin American perspective about climate change. As Catholics, we all have our own part to play in helping to fight against poverty and climate change across the world.”


CAFOD’s Campaigns Manager Sarah Croft.

After a short break, Sarah Croft, who is CAFOD’s Campaigns Manager spoke about CAFOD’s Power to Be campaign which calls on Melanie Robinson, the UK’s representative at the World Bank,  to support renewable energy which tackles poverty, so everyone can have the chance to fulfill their God-given potential. It was said that Sarah “did a great job in explaining the new project”.


The audience enjoying one of the talks.

The discussion then turned to the LiveSimply Award which is an opportunity for Catholic communities – parishes, schools, religious orders and chaplaincies – to respond to Pope Francis’ invitation in Laudato Si’ to “work with generosity and tenderness in protecting this world which God has entrusted to us”. Livesimply is beginning to take off across the Archdiocese, with St Anne’s Ormskirk for example hosting a Livesimply weekend to celebrate the parish reaching the midway stage.

You can watch Sarah talking about Power to Be and Live Simply by visiting


Sarah Croft listening to a question from the audience

Unfortunately the local MP was unable to attend, so for the final session of the day Sarah Croft spoke about the MP Correspondent Scheme which is a scheme that enables you to help ensure that the voices of many of the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people are heard in the corridors of power.

Sarah’s talk can be seen at


Colette from CAFOD Liverpool leading the group in a closing prayer.

After the event Sarah said “We are privileged and inspired to have heard first-hand how our sisters and brothers in Latin America are responding to the Pope’s call to listen to the cry of the earth and the cry of the poor. We have our part to play in the UK too.”

The day then ended with a shared lunch, you can see all of the videos in one place by clicking


Some of CAFOD’s volunteers standing together, outside St Joseph’s Parish Centre

Ormskirk chooses Live simply!

St Anne’s and St Elizabeth’s parishes in Ormskirk have signed up for CAFOD’s Livesimply Award!  live-simply-colour

A Core Group has been set up to help parishioners come together to live more simply, sustainably with creation and in solidarity with people in poverty, with the strong backing of Frs Godric Timney and Boniface Moran OSB.

The Parishes have already been active in responding to Pope Francis’ urgent call to make the world a fairer place and protect it for all of life on the planet for future generations. They’ve been considering how they can support refugees (and taking valuable supplies to Asylum Link Merseyside!), deepening their commitment to Fairtrade and engaging the Scouts with improving the gardens for example.  Susan O’Halloran led the launch meeting and invited Ged Edwards to tell people about Livesimply and invite their ideas for the future.

33 parishioners came to the meeting at St Anne’s and 84 people joined on llaunch-meeting-group-1ine.  They’ve found out already that Livesimply is a great way to bring people in the parish together, find out what’s going on and build from there a stronger community.  Coming together helps to support and encourage one another and people told us what they are already doing and shared their ideas for the future.  They included a Walk to Church Sunday, supporting refugees, buying locally and only as much as we need, using low energy lighting, etc.

launch-meeting-group-2Ged said, ” What a marvellous response!  I was really impressed with the meeting and the progress already made.  Now the parishes will draw in others, finalise their plans.  They will do what they can we know and the Lord will do the rest.”  Next step?  A simple and exciting plan for the next 12-18 months ahead.  At the end of the road is CAFOD’s Livesimply Award to reward the community.

To find out more, visit the Livesimply Award on CAFOD’s website or watch the presentation from St Anne’s.

CAFOD Liverpool January newsletter

Uganda Lent 2016 parish photo Proscovia

Dear Friend

A very happy new year to you and your family and friends!

Colette and I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you!!! for your commitment and support last year. Can we also mention in particular the CAFOD Carol Service at Upholland and of course the Fun Run in December! Details on the blog but for now, some important dates and details coming up!

We are looking ahead as we all help bringing about a more just world in 2016. In this issue we will focus on:

 Celebrating the Jubilee of Mercy

 The New Climate Campaign

 Lent Fast Day

 Young People activities

Events and Challenges

Celebrating the Year of Mercy

With Pope Francis we celebrate the Jubilee of Mercy, which ends on 20 November 2016. We remember that “the poor have a special experience of God’s mercy” Misericordiae Vultus #15. 

The Archdiocesan Justice and Peace Commission & CAFOD have produced a new Lenten Resource for parishes and groups called Mercy and our Common Home, combining the Year of Mercy and Laudato Si’ on Care of the Common Home.

Copies are available from Steve Atherton (0151 522 1080 and there is a short workshop to help people use it at CAFOD Liverpool Volunteer Centre, 27 Crofton Road, Liverpool L13 5UJ on Saturday 16 January 10am -1pm (please let us know and bring something to share for lunch: 0151 228 4028). 2

Using Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’, the Course helps us reflect for an hour once a week on God who is the fountain of all mercy, and we are called to live out a relationship of mercy with God, our neighbours, ourselves, and our sister earth, as inspired by Laudato Si’. We then invite you to prepare plans as a group for Easter & onwards, celebrating early progress at Pentecost.

Year of Mercy resources

We’ve pulled together some of our popular education resources for children and young people, to help celebrate the Year of Mercy. Feel free to browse as you may find them useful!

Meanwhile, we’ve loved hearing your stories on the Year of Mercy, so please keep them coming! Please send any photos of a Door of Mercy in your diocese and a short paragraph to

Lent Fast day

Your Lent pack will be with you in mid-January, with everything you need for your parish Fast Day: a Lent poster, the short talk, and a guide with intercessions for every Sunday in Lent. Envelopes will arrive as usual but if you’d like prayer cards this year, they are free as usual but please order some direct from us at or on 0300 011 5680.

It really helps to do four things for Fast Day!

1. Please insert a notice in the newsletter the weekend before (for 6/7 February) so people know Fast Day’s coming.

2. Have people give out the envelopes to people as they come in (please don’t just leave them for people to collect on a table)

3. Have someone in the parish give the prepared short talk (attached). Please contact us if you want help with this.

4. Thank people in the newsletter afterwards for the contributions received.

This year we focus on water and our work in helping communities in Uganda. The Government is matching our contributions £1 for £1 up to £3.5m so please encourage people to give generously (e.g. a gift-aided donation of £4 becomes (£8 plus £1 gift aid) £9)!

Help provided!

Please do join us for one of the Lent Fast Day Workshops

to prepare for Lent, to hear much about our work in Uganda and share and reflect with other CAFOD volunteers and supporters in your area. They will be held at:

Thursday 28 January 2-4 pm CAFOD Liverpool Volunteer Centre, 27 Crofton Road, Liverpool L13 5UJ
  7-9 pm As above


Or at

Sunday 31 January 1-3 pm Brownedge St Mary’s Church, Brownedge Lane, Bamber Bridge, Preston PR5 6SP

Please let us know if you can make it!



Start the New Year by taking a new climate campaign action

Become an MP Correspondent – join us in lobbying your MP for change three or four times a year through letters and meetings.

Take the e-action to Amber Rudd, the Climate and Energy Secretary, calling on the Government to shift from fossil fuels to sustainable energy.

Download and use the Laudato Si’ study guide

Look out for our Valentine’s Day green heart campaign – make, wear and share a green heart showing something that you love that could be affected by climate change, from bees to our beaches to people overseas


Young volunteers fly to Peru and Zimbabwe!

This month our nine gap year volunteers are travelling to Peru and Zimbabwe to experience CAFOD’s work with partners. Keep up to date with their exciting blogs! If you know anyone aged 18-30 looking for a gap year with a difference, please share that applications are now open for September 2016.

Did you know that CAFOD volunteers made over 400 school visits in England and Wales last term? Are you working in our schools this term? Visit our school volunteer website for the latest resources. Interested in working with children and young people? Please reply to this email to hear about our opportunities!


Take up a challenge for CAFOD!

In 2015 our supporters ran marathons, cycled across the country, swam the seas and much more for CAFOD. Join Team CAFOD in 2016 and help to transform lives across the world. You can take part in any sponsored event for CAFOD by getting your own place through the race organisers.


Search for an event near you and find a challenge to raise funds for CAFOD in your area!   If you are feeling extra ambitious you could take on a very special challenge, the Camino de Santiago de Compostela– a challenging beautiful pilgrimage hiking through the fields of northern Spain underneath the milky-way. Want to find out more? CAFOD supporters Fred Uttley and John Cowell have completed the Camino an impressive eight times! Or


Organise an event in your parish or school:  What about a … Walk to Church Sunday?  Donate money saved from not using the car, meet people and follow Pope Francis’ Laudato Si’ and do another bit for the planet!



Best wishes



Ged Edwards and Colette Byrne

Community Participation CoordinatorsCAFOD

Reflections on the Cycling Pilgrimage to Paris

It’s a week since Ann Wilson and I returned from our Laudato Si’ Cycling Pilgrimage to Paris with Westminster Justice and Peace Commission.  There were many memorable moments: staying with a French family in Dieppe, we passed through some beautiful countryside and small towns and Paris itself was impressive and its people welcoming.  The group had a great sense of common achievement at the end and the stronger members cared for the slower and especially with the frequent punctures.  When we reached Paris, a photo and brief interview with Ellen Teague awaited us in front of Notre Dame.

We heard from people who had come from far and wide to be there.  Others had walked from the UK, two had cycled from Vietnam, a group walked from Rome.  The same conviction drew us.  Time.  Time to take action to reduce our impact on the earth, on its people and on everything that exists and grows interdependently.  Time to open our eyes and see the inter-relatedness of all things.  Time to discover and promote a system of thinking, believing and action that means that we won’t do lasting damage to the current life on earth.  Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’: On Care of our Common Home for many involved in CAFOD has proved to be an enlightening call to a standard.

At the interfaith service on Saturday last, a German Lutheran Bishop addressed us in English.  In his country, the average annual carbon footprint for each person was 10 tonnes of Carbon emitted he told us.  The world average is 4 tonnes.  To have the planet healthy, it needs to be just 2 tonnes per person per year.  A fifth of our current emissions.  The UK’s status is similar to Germany’s.

The “elephant in the room” is all of us – our current lifestyle, and recent years show already that technology can only play a small part in reducing it.  Can we discover a more simple form of living and see the greater benefits?  CAFOD’s, “Live simply so others can simply live” says it all.

The highlight of the Pilgrimage for me was the hand in of the 1.8m faith petitions to the UN Climate Change Chief, Christiana Figueres who was visibly moved by the commitment she witnessed.  Now, with a  week of the Convention still to go, there is still hope that the world can come to a deal, a weak one but nevertheless a deal which can be built upon.  Let’s pray!

Let’s also keep up the pressure on our Government whose commitment to addressing Climate Change has been questioned.  There’s a CAFOD petition to sign to reduce investment in fossil fuels: