St Richard’s School Share the Journey

War, persecution, natural disaster and poverty force millions of people from their homes. Inspired by Pope Francis, we respond with compassion and call on governments to protect the human dignity of people on the move.

We have already walked twice around the world in solidarity with our brothers and sisters. We are now aiming to walk a third time around the world to send a strong message to Theresa May that she must ensure that the UK takes a lead in the refugee negotiations at the UN later this year. You can sign our petition here.


St Richard’s Catholic Primary school in Skelmersdale held a Refugee Walk in May to support CAFOD’s Share the Journey campaign. 246 children and staff each walked 2 miles, adding a fantastic 498 miles to our total!

CAFOD supporter Julie Carr said, “The children, staff and student teachers took part in the Refugee Walk to highlight the difficulties our refugee neighbours face in their plight to live a safe life. Our children were shocked to learn of some of the dangers which they face day to day and were determined to join the Share the Journey campaign.  We managed to add 498 miles to the totaliser.  On the journey we passed a number of shoppers and dog walkers – the children were keen to pass the reason for their walk on in the hope that others would join in this worthy campaign.”


CAFOD Campaign Volunteer Coordinator, Emily McIndoe, said “This is such a fantastic effort from St Richards, it’s incredible to hear how the primary school students were so interested in learning about the plight of refugees and showed their support for them. What an amazing event!”

Can you hold a walk in your parish or community to stand in solidarity with refugees?

Find out more about the campaign.

World Day of Prayer and Fasting: pray with Pope Francis on Family Fast Day

Pope Francis has called for a World Day of Prayer and Fasting on Family Fast Day.

On Friday 23 February, at his request, please unite in prayer with him for the people in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and South Sudan.


Ahadi and her friend Belta received training and tools from our partner so they could open a tailors workshop.

It’s wonderful to think that on that day, we will this year be fasting and praying not just with Catholics across England and Wales, but with Catholics across the whole world.

To mark this special occasion, CAFOD Liverpool are holding a prayer session for volunteers, supporters and staff starting at 1pm till 1.30pm which will be followed by a simple vegetarian soup and bread lunch at the CAFOD Liverpool Volunteer Centre.


All are welcome to attend this free event!  


The address is 27 Crofton Road, Liverpool L13 5UJ.  Please let us know if you are coming or have any particular dietary requirements on 0151 228 4028 or



Share The Journey

On Wednesday 27 September, Pope Francis demonstrated his special concern for people on the move by launching Share the Journey, a new campaign which supports refugees and migrants.

Share the Journey brings together more than 200 Catholic organisations, including CAFOD and Caritas Social Action in England and Wales, as well as our sister Caritas agencies in every continent. Together, we will call on all our governments and on all people, to play their part in welcoming and protecting people forced to flee their homes due to poverty, war, persecution or natural disaster.

Pope Francis said, “Hope is the desire to share the journey of life, as the Caritas campaign that we inaugurate today reminds us. Brothers and sisters, do not be afraid to share the journey! Do not be afraid to share hope!”


The Pope’s actions aim to highlight the Church’s commitment to sharing the journey of people on the move. World leaders must be called upon to do the same as they begin to negotiate new UN global agreements on refugees and migration, which are due to be finalised in September 2018.

In 2016, nearly 40,000 CAFOD supporters sent messages of hope to refugees. These messages are being shared with refugees in Europe and all across the globe. In 2018, CAFOD will produce new materials to help Catholic parishes and schools to get involved with the Share the Journey campaign, building up to a week of action in June 2018.

Colette said “we’re really excited to launch Share The Journey in Liverpool. It’s our opportunity to come together in our parishes and schools to show solidarity with our brothers and sisters overseas. If you would like to find out more please do get in touch with us here in the office on 0151 228 4028; we would really love to see as much participation with this as possible”.

We’re asking you to sign our petition to call on the UK government to take a lead in protecting refugees.

Find out more here.



Reflections on the Cycling Pilgrimage to Paris

It’s a week since Ann Wilson and I returned from our Laudato Si’ Cycling Pilgrimage to Paris with Westminster Justice and Peace Commission.  There were many memorable moments: staying with a French family in Dieppe, we passed through some beautiful countryside and small towns and Paris itself was impressive and its people welcoming.  The group had a great sense of common achievement at the end and the stronger members cared for the slower and especially with the frequent punctures.  When we reached Paris, a photo and brief interview with Ellen Teague awaited us in front of Notre Dame.

We heard from people who had come from far and wide to be there.  Others had walked from the UK, two had cycled from Vietnam, a group walked from Rome.  The same conviction drew us.  Time.  Time to take action to reduce our impact on the earth, on its people and on everything that exists and grows interdependently.  Time to open our eyes and see the inter-relatedness of all things.  Time to discover and promote a system of thinking, believing and action that means that we won’t do lasting damage to the current life on earth.  Pope Francis’ encyclical Laudato Si’: On Care of our Common Home for many involved in CAFOD has proved to be an enlightening call to a standard.

At the interfaith service on Saturday last, a German Lutheran Bishop addressed us in English.  In his country, the average annual carbon footprint for each person was 10 tonnes of Carbon emitted he told us.  The world average is 4 tonnes.  To have the planet healthy, it needs to be just 2 tonnes per person per year.  A fifth of our current emissions.  The UK’s status is similar to Germany’s.

The “elephant in the room” is all of us – our current lifestyle, and recent years show already that technology can only play a small part in reducing it.  Can we discover a more simple form of living and see the greater benefits?  CAFOD’s, “Live simply so others can simply live” says it all.

The highlight of the Pilgrimage for me was the hand in of the 1.8m faith petitions to the UN Climate Change Chief, Christiana Figueres who was visibly moved by the commitment she witnessed.  Now, with a  week of the Convention still to go, there is still hope that the world can come to a deal, a weak one but nevertheless a deal which can be built upon.  Let’s pray!

Let’s also keep up the pressure on our Government whose commitment to addressing Climate Change has been questioned.  There’s a CAFOD petition to sign to reduce investment in fossil fuels:



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Did you know….in the most radical encyclical focused on environmental issues, Laudato Si’– Care of our common home, Pope Francis has this week challenged the world to act on the greatest threats facing the human family: climate change, growing global inequality and the destruction of nature? He calls on the world to rethink its definition of progress. Pope Francis’ encyclical inspires us to open our eyes and be more compassionate towards creation and our neighbours. Join Catholics worldwide asking Prime Minister David Cameron to support the Pope’s call to care for creation and for the world’s poorest people


Join Catholics worldwide asking Prime Minister David Cameron to support the Pope’s call to care for creation and for the world’s poorest people.

Sign our petition today

Find encyclical resources to help you reflect on the meaning of Laudato Si’.

We provide a weekly ‘CAFOD fact’ as a short…

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