Woolton school build ‘wall of solidarity’ to support CAFOD appeal

Students from St Julie’s Catholic High School, Woolton, have added their names to their own ‘wall of solidarity’ to show their care to the communities CAFOD supports. The pupils participated in the Fast Day on February 23 to help them to understand the experiences that our sisters and brothers in developing countries face.

St JuliesAll year groups were invited to take part in the day’s events, with pupils fasting completely, feeding themselves for 24 hours on just £2 or donating tinned items of food, which were donated to the Micah food bank, formally known as Hope+ food bank.

The Fast Day was a massive success with over one-hundred pupils taking part throughout the whole school, which is a huge achievement.

Mr Anderson, from the school’s Chaplaincy, said: “St Julie’s have been strong supporters of CAFOD over the years and we’re proud to support the Family Fast Day campaign.

“We are very conscious of the work CAFOD do and want to strengthen their supporters throughout the school, by giving our pupils the chance to experience and understand the challenges communities overseas can face each day.  It’s great that they can make an active difference.”

CAFOD Liverpool’s, Ged Edwards, said: “It is amazing to see so many pupils get involved and show commitment to our brothers and sisters overseas”

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Ursuline Primary pupils give children across the world the ‘Power to Be’

Recently we’ve been visiting schools and parishes to share the news of CAFOD’s Power to Be campaign, which believes that every child can, and should be able to, achieve great things.

One in six people across the world live with no electricity and so we are calling on the World Bank’s UK representative, Melanie Robinson, to pledge investment into local, renewable energy that can transform lives.

pic 1

Ursuline Primary School in Crosby is one of the schools taking part in our new Power to Be campaign.

Pupils from years 3 and 5 learnt how renewable energy can transform the lives of children and their communities in the world’s poorest places. By making impressive giant suns with messages to the World Bank and praying for children to gain access to electricity so that they can reach their full potential, the children enjoyed learning about Power to Be and engaged well with the messages being taught.

p2b 2

The children also made promises to save energy in the future and thought about the ways in which they could make a difference in their homes and schools.

Ged Edwards, a local CAFOD representative, said: “It’s great to hear how well the children from Ursuline Primary School did in the Power to Be activities, and that they were thinking of ways that they could help to save energy in their own lives.  They should be proud of themselves – what a magnificent display they made!”

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Meet Our Volunteer – Angela Pender

Angela has been volunteering for CAFOD since 2015 as an Education Volunteer, visiting schools and working with children and young people to increase their awareness of poverty and injustice.


Angela really enthuses and inspires the children and young people she works with through her joy and energy. In particular, in the last few months, Angela has been helping the children think about the refugee crisis using the Lampedusa Cross Pilgrimage. She has adapted this for a range of age groups, but always brings her strong faith into the sessions to give the children a powerful and reflective experience.


Angela also has great relationships with the staff at the schools she visits, often organising her own visits with teacher she knows. This has allowed us to visit some schools that have never previously had a CAFOD volunteer in, and therefore given many more children the opportunity to experience CAFOD’s work and reflect on poverty and injustice.


Although Angela leads a very busy life, she is always able to squeeze in some extra time to volunteer for CAFOD, and will do whatever she can to help out when needed. Outside of Angela’s volunteering in schools, she often helps out at CAFOD events, working with the children and young people attending. Most notably, she can be seen face painting at the annual CAFOD Fun Run!


Angela says “I love my school visits and recruiting more volunteers in my role as parish speaker for CAFOD” and “I love CAFOD”


Thank you Angela, for your enthusiastic approach to volunteering, and for everything you have done for CAFOD and the schools that you have worked with.