Ormskirk chooses Live simply!

St Anne’s and St Elizabeth’s parishes in Ormskirk have signed up for CAFOD’s Livesimply Award!  live-simply-colour

A Core Group has been set up to help parishioners come together to live more simply, sustainably with creation and in solidarity with people in poverty, with the strong backing of Frs Godric Timney and Boniface Moran OSB.

The Parishes have already been active in responding to Pope Francis’ urgent call to make the world a fairer place and protect it for all of life on the planet for future generations. They’ve been considering how they can support refugees (and taking valuable supplies to Asylum Link Merseyside!), deepening their commitment to Fairtrade and engaging the Scouts with improving the gardens for example.  Susan O’Halloran led the launch meeting and invited Ged Edwards to tell people about Livesimply and invite their ideas for the future.

33 parishioners came to the meeting at St Anne’s and 84 people joined on llaunch-meeting-group-1ine.  They’ve found out already that Livesimply is a great way to bring people in the parish together, find out what’s going on and build from there a stronger community.  Coming together helps to support and encourage one another and people told us what they are already doing and shared their ideas for the future.  They included a Walk to Church Sunday, supporting refugees, buying locally and only as much as we need, using low energy lighting, etc.

launch-meeting-group-2Ged said, ” What a marvellous response!  I was really impressed with the meeting and the progress already made.  Now the parishes will draw in others, finalise their plans.  They will do what they can we know and the Lord will do the rest.”  Next step?  A simple and exciting plan for the next 12-18 months ahead.  At the end of the road is CAFOD’s Livesimply Award to reward the community.

To find out more, visit the Livesimply Award on CAFOD’s website or watch the presentation from St Anne’s.

Remember, remember the 5th November!!!!

20 people, young and old, gathered together in Southport on Friday 5th November to lobby local MP, Dr John Pugh, to call for greater action on climate change. People came from all walks of life, from local charities, businesses, churches and schools. The lobby took place at the Marian Centre on Bath Street North. 

This local lobby was part of the ‘Big Climate Connection,’ a co-ordinated campaign which saw thousands of local people lobbying over 250 MPs across the country on the weekend of the 5th and 6th November.  The ‘Big Climate Connection’ was organised by the SCC (Stop the Climate Chaos Coalition) which is made up of over 100 organisations including CAFOD.

Organiser of the lobby in Southport Chris Lappine, CAFOD’s Liverpool manager, said:

 “We are delighted by the turn out today-it shows that climate change is a problem that many people in Southport care passionately about. We particularly want to thank Dr John Pugh for attending the lobby today and for listening to our concerns about climate change both internationally and locally.”

Local resident and mother of four, Katherine Sumner, who attended the lobby with her two one year twins Lily and Dylan, said: “As a parent, it’s important to look after the environment now for my children and my children’s children.” 

Friends of the Earth volunteer Lola Sieve argued that, “The time for action is now. My mum used to say that people in Southport won’t worry about climate change until they see the floods coming down Lord Street. That could be a possibility in the foreseeable future.”

 Local student Abigail Bennetton, aged 18, who attends King George V College, said: “This has been a fantastic opportunity to discuss climate change and the real issues facing Southport today. It’s an issue that many of my friends and I are really concerned about and it has been really fantastic that Dr John came to listen to us today.”

Issues discussed with Dr John ranged from international issues (such as the UN climate talks in Cancun) to national issues (such as the Energy Security and Green Economy Bill) to local issues (such as recycling). Nothing was off limits and everything from cucumbers to nappies were discussed.

A massive thank you to Dr John Pugh for attending the lobby and to all those who attended.