Ormskirk chooses Live simply!

St Anne’s and St Elizabeth’s parishes in Ormskirk have signed up for CAFOD’s Livesimply Award!  live-simply-colour

A Core Group has been set up to help parishioners come together to live more simply, sustainably with creation and in solidarity with people in poverty, with the strong backing of Frs Godric Timney and Boniface Moran OSB.

The Parishes have already been active in responding to Pope Francis’ urgent call to make the world a fairer place and protect it for all of life on the planet for future generations. They’ve been considering how they can support refugees (and taking valuable supplies to Asylum Link Merseyside!), deepening their commitment to Fairtrade and engaging the Scouts with improving the gardens for example.  Susan O’Halloran led the launch meeting and invited Ged Edwards to tell people about Livesimply and invite their ideas for the future.

33 parishioners came to the meeting at St Anne’s and 84 people joined on llaunch-meeting-group-1ine.  They’ve found out already that Livesimply is a great way to bring people in the parish together, find out what’s going on and build from there a stronger community.  Coming together helps to support and encourage one another and people told us what they are already doing and shared their ideas for the future.  They included a Walk to Church Sunday, supporting refugees, buying locally and only as much as we need, using low energy lighting, etc.

launch-meeting-group-2Ged said, ” What a marvellous response!  I was really impressed with the meeting and the progress already made.  Now the parishes will draw in others, finalise their plans.  They will do what they can we know and the Lord will do the rest.”  Next step?  A simple and exciting plan for the next 12-18 months ahead.  At the end of the road is CAFOD’s Livesimply Award to reward the community.

To find out more, visit the Livesimply Award on CAFOD’s website or watch the presentation from St Anne’s.

Read all about it…….CAFOD Liverpool Autumn newsletter 2011

You can now download the CAFOD Liverpool newsletter.

In this issue, we have all the photos from the CAFOD cup tournament involving 8 local Catholic primary schools. We also have all the photos from Odette Kayirere’s recent visit to Liverpool. Plus all the latest news from our parishes, schools and campaigns in the region. Happy reading……

To download the Liverpool Autumn newsletter, just click here:

Autum 2011 newsletter

CAFOD Liverpool Spring 2011 newsletter!!!!

You can now download the CAFOD Liverpool newsletter which features all the news from parishes, campaigns and schools in the Liverpool Archdiocese including a special appearance by David Cameron and Alan Sugar.

St Peter and St Pauls Catholic Primary School did a fancy dress walk to raise money for CAFOD
St Peter and St Pauls Catholic Primary School did a fancy dress walk to raise money for CAFOD

In the newsletter you’ll also see pictures from loads of fundraising events like when St Aelred’s Catholic technology College raised £10,000 for Haiti. And when St Peter and St Pauls Catholic Primary school did a fancy dress sponsored walk around the school.

Get all the news on our latest campaigns, see the results of the Act on Poverty campaign, and learn how to lobby your MP to say no to bribery. And get the latest news on the Sudan peace campaign.

Say no to bribery, lobby your MP now

Say no to bribery, lobby your MP now

Of course get all the resources you need for the Lent. What are you giving up this year? And download the newsletter to see what goes on in our area.

And last but not least, pray with us:

God of all humanity,

In a world of fear
Open our hearts to your love.
May we turn away from hatred, towards love.
May we turn away from intolerance towards understanding.

Pray with us

Pray with us

We commit ourselves in compassion to our brothers and sisters in Columbia.

Together, not alone, we pray for peace.


To get more worship resources visit the CAFOD website.

To download the Liverpool spring newsletter just click here.

Liverpool connects2 Brazil

Chris visited St Helen’s Parish in Crosby on Saturday where she spoke at their midday mass.   She related her own experience of visiting Sao Paulo and about the many heroic women and men she had met, many of whom are involved in CAFOD’s Connect2:Brazil iniatiative.   Over 100 people attended the mass altogether and were greatly moved by her words.  Fr Tom Cullinan was the Celebrant.


Dom Helder Camara

15,000 people live on the streets at risk of violence and crime yet thousands of buildings, which could be transformed into decent homes, lie empty. Continue reading