Uganda Webinar

This  Lent Fast Day, Friday 19 February, from 1:30 – 2:30pm, you are invited to join a webinar  to hear how your support has made a difference in the lives of real people.

Uganda Lent 2016 parish photo Proscovia

Credit line: CAFOD/David Mutua

This Lent you will hear all about how you can ‘turn on the taps’ for communities in Uganda. In this webinar Catherine Ogolla, our country representative for Kenya and Uganda, and her team will share stories of communities in North East Uganda, .

This Lent your donations with be matched by the UK government up to the value of £3 million so we can make double the difference.

Why join?

Webinars with CAFOD are an amazing way to visit the countries we work in. You can hear from the people working on the ground who bring the projects you support to life. It’s not just about listening, you will also have the opportunity to ask our Uganda team questions and hear what other CAFOD supporters think too.

How does it work?

Taking part in a webinar is easy. All you need to do to is click on the link below and register with your name and email. You will then receive a confirmation email with a link you can use to join the webinar. In order to listen you will need either speakers or headphones.

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If you’d like to join, but you aren’t sure how, email Elly on or call 0207 095 5332.


Lent Fast Day and the doubling of donations

Uganda Lent 2016 parish photo Proscovia

Proscovia’s water pump has been fixed, giving her free time to go to school and get an education.

This Lent Fast Day, Friday 19 February 2016, we can ensure that more people have access to local, clean, safe water.

Throughout Lent, we have an exceptional opportunity to make an even bigger difference to people living in poverty.

Donations to our Lent appeal, up to £3.5 million, are being doubled by the UK Government – so every £1 you raise can make double the difference to people living in poverty. People like 14-year-old Proscovia, from Uganda. Proscovia’s local water pump had been broken for as long as she could remember, and she had to walk for miles to collect water for her family – missing hours of school. But thanks to donations from generous supporters, CAFOD’s local church partner mended the water pump. This meant the family had a local supply of clean water, and gave Proscovia the chance to go to school and to pursue her dream of becoming an engineer.

Help us make the most of this amazing opportunity by fundraising, giving and praying this Lent. We’ve got some great resources to help get your parish, group or community excited about saving lives around the world.

Thank you for your continued support.

Hospice Africa UK 21st Birthday Exhibition

We are delighted to promote this special anniversary for Hospice Africa.   Since its  inception in 1993 they have successfully influenced Ugandan and other Sub-Saharan Africa  governments to recognise Palliative Care (PC) as a primary health care need and to license the use of strong pain killers for management of cancer and other chronic illnesses including HIV.  It is recognised that the future of PC care in Africa will largely depend on continuing Hospice Africa’s pioneering work in Uganda, maintaining its health care and training standards, so that services can reach all people in need.  Hospice Africa’s strategy for increasing access and scope to PC is to train more specialists across Africa, while simultaneously improving the quality of services and education they provide through awareness campaigns.

CAFOD has been funding Hospice African since 2006.


Hospice Africa UK Poster



Knock, Knock. Whose there?…David Cameron!?!?

The new CAFOD campaign ‘Act on poverty’ was officially launched in Liverpool in mid July, complete with a life-sized No. 10 Downing Street door!  Scores and scores of CAFOD supporters came together to brave the lashing rain to join in the fun. Scrumptious scones with strawberries were also served. Tom Onyango, a CAFOD staff member who works with CAFOD partners in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania, joined us for the launch to speak about CAFOD’s work in East Africa. Tom is the Programme Officer in the Nairobi Office and has been involved in the work around the Post-Election violence in Kenya, issues around violence caused by the scarcity of resources (particularly in respect of drought affected areas of Northern Kenya) as well as projects designed to bring about reconciliation and understanding in urban slum areas.  As you can see from the pictures, everyone had a great…but wet time.

Kenya and East Africa Crisis

Supporting communities facing recurring drought in Marsabit, Kenya [CAFOD]We are appealing for £1 million to support our partners who are helping as around 3.8 million people battle against drought in north-east Kenya and the surrounding region

Throughout large parts of the country, families face the prospect of starvation as the persistent drought claims crops and animals.

We have already pledged £250,000 to our partners, who report that people are barely surviving as herds of animals die from exhaustion and thirst.

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